Mid-Atlantic Mobile Notary Services

Serving Virginia since 2003

Colonial Beach Notary Services

Important Notice: Bryce Hall, Notary, is not performing any face-to-face notarizations during the pandemic. 

Virginia Notary in Colonial Beach, VA

Traditional Mobile (Traveling) Notary Services

serving the Town of Colonial Beach, VA only

Bryce Hall provides notary services for the fields of Adoption, Banking Finance, Legal, Medical, Real Estate and more.

Mobile Notary Services are available to Individuals and Businesses at Attorneys' Offices, Assisted Living Communities, Hospitals, Movie Sets, Office Buildings, Physicians, Residences or any other mutual convenient location such as the local library, coffee shop.

With a scheduled appointment you are assured that your document will be notarized at the time and place most convenient to you.

  • Acknowledgments/Jurats
  • Adoptions (International & Domestic)
  • Child Custody Agreements
  • Contracts/Change Orders
  • Corporate Affidavits
  • Criminal Background History Requests
  • Deeds/Deeds of Trust
  • Depositions and Discovery Documents
  • Divorce Documents
  • Employment Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Guardianships
  • I-9 Forms (as your authorized Representative)
  • Insurance Documents, Claims and Releases
  • Legal Affidavits
  • Leases
  • Marital Separation Agreements
  • Permission Slips
  • Petitions
  • Power of Attorney
  • PreNuptial Agreements
  • Release of Liability (alumni groups, sports/children's parties)
  • Safe Deposit Box Verification
  • School Documents & Permission Forms
  • Surveys
  • Title Transfers 
  • Trust Documents
  • Utility Documents
  • Wills (you must provide disinterested witnesses)

Certified True Copy Certifications - must present original document
Important Note: A Virginia Notary can NOT certify true copies of birth, death, marriage certificates or any public records in the custody of the courts or State Corporation Commission.

Proper Identification is required. It must be government issued and unexpired.

  • US Passport
  • US Passport card
  • State-issued driver's license or non-driver ID
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Military ID card
  • Foreign passport

Personal appearance is required for all Notarial Acts.
You must provide your own disinterested witnesses if required. Witnesses must have current unexpired government issued ID.
A Virginia Notary can REFUSE to notarize any document.

Mortgage Loan Signings in Colonial Beach, VA

Mortgage Loan Signing Services

Bryce Hall has facilitated the signing of thousands of Mortgage Loan Signings and is an expert in her field.
By appointment only - will work with your title company in the Town of Colonial Beach, VA only.

Additional Notary/Non-Notary Services

  • Witnessing to Safe Deposit Box Drilling
  • On-Site Field Inspections
  • Proxy - Exam Monitor
  • Public Records Search/Verification of Fact
  • Recording Services at local Courthouses
  • Residential Mortgage Loan Signings as your local Title Company as a TEMP.

    Disclaimer: Bryce Hall of Mid-Atlantic Mobile Notary Services, Inc., is not an attorney or law firm and does not provide legal advice. Nothing in this information is intended nor should it be considered legal advice. Each legal matter is unique and specific; as such Mid-Atlantic Mobile Notary Services, Inc. encourages every individual and business to see guidance from legal counsel concerning their specific legal matter.